News Archive | May, 2013

E4tech’s Dr Ausilio Bauen discusses biomass supply chain issues

On 24 May, E4tech Director Dr Ausilio Bauen will join academics and industry experts at the Biomass Fuelled Power Generation with CO2 Capture event in Cambridge, where delegates will examine the latest scientific developments and techno-economic issues related to realisation of biomass based power generation through combustion, gasification and pyrolysis. Ausilio will discuss biomass supply […]

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E4tech assists Softcar’s electric vehicles in China

E4tech is a strategic advisor to Softcar, a Swiss start-up manufacturer of clean, low-cost electric vehicles. E4tech’s Dr François Vuille accompanied Softcar on a recent visit to China where they signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Chinese car manufacturer Zotye Auto. E4tech’s work laid the foundation for this agreement for the two companies to […]

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Future of hydrogen in transport addressed by Adam Chase

Representatives of UK industry and research will gather on 16 May to discuss the outstanding challenges in hydrogen energy. E4tech Director Adam Chase will speak on the challenges in hydrogen for transport, ranging from business model topics considered by UK H2Mobility to specific aspects of hydrogen distribution and dispensing. The Technology Strategy Board and Engineering […]

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E4tech’s Nick Owen debates how to make use of vehicle waste heat

On 15-16 May, E4tech’s Nick Owen will join speakers from the automotive manufacturing, engineering and research sectors at the 11th edition of the international Vehicle Thermal Management System conference (VTMS) in Coventry, UK. The Institution of Mechanical Engineering event, tackles the tough challenges faced by the thermal management of vehicles and discusses the latest research […]

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E4tech’s Nick Owen makes case for liquid air

On 9 May, E4tech’s Nick Owen will join speakers from the energy and transport sectors at the “Liquid Air in the energy and transport systems” conference in London. The event, hosted by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Centre for Low Carbon Futures, looks at low temperature liquefied air or nitrogen as carriers of […]

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