News Archive | March, 2015

Results of hydrogen refuelling station competition announced

On 27th March, UK Government Ministers announced the results of the Hydrogen Refuelling Stations infrastructure grant scheme. Seven projects have been given the green light, for a total of 12 permanent and mobile stations to be operational before the end of 2016. E4tech has been working closely with Ricardo-AEA to support this competition since its […]

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E4tech and Ecofys publish RTFO scoping paper on Novel low carbon transport fuels

A diverse range of ‘novel low carbon transport fuels’ are nearing market introduction, with many offering the potential for high GHG savings without using land-based feedstocks. The UK Department for Transport (DfT) therefore commissioned E4tech and Ecofys to investigate these fuels, as currently only biofuels are supported by the UK’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO). […]

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ETI Bioenergy Insights to 2050 released

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) recently published a Bioenergy Insights paper, highlighting the importance of combining bioenergy with Carbon Capture & Storage, growing energy crops in targeted UK regions and developing flexible gasification technologies for achieving UK energy and climate objectives. The insights are based on the ETI’s Bioenergy Value Chain Model (BVCM), developed by […]

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