E4tech conducts technical review of Carbon-14 techniques in support of an Ofgem review

The UK Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, Ofgem, has recently approved the use of Carbon-14 techniques to measure the biomass energy content of solid fuels by post-combustion analysis of flue gases. Determination of the biomass energy fraction is necessary for generators to be issued Renewable Obligation Certificates under the terms of the Renewables Obligation Orders.

The Ofgem approval was issued in response to a Fuel Measurement and Sampling procedure application that was submitted by a waste-to-energy plant operator that is a member of the Renewable Energy Association (REA). As part of the approval process, Ofgem required that independent technical reviews of the proposed protocol be commissioned by both Ofgem and the REA.

E4tech conducted the protocol review at the request of the REA and found the proposed protocol to be technically sound and based on mature, well understood technologies. The E4tech review also concluded that the Carbon-14 technique addressed some of the challenges inherent in the current methods that are based on sampling of the solid fuel stream.

The announcement from Ofgem can be found here.

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