E4tech’s Nick Owen debates how to make use of vehicle waste heat

On 15-16 May, E4tech’s Nick Owen will join speakers from the automotive manufacturing, engineering and research sectors at the 11th edition of the international Vehicle Thermal Management System conference (VTMS) in Coventry, UK.

The Institution of Mechanical Engineering event, tackles the tough challenges faced by the thermal management of vehicles and discusses the latest research and technological advances from industry and academia.

As a member of the debate panel on “Energy recovery, regeneration and recuperation” taking place on the second day of VTMS, Nick will propose the need for innovative solutions that are synergistic with engine downsizing and hybridisation, and also with the wider energy picture.

Following the recent critically acclaimed Royal Academy event, he will explore Liquid Air as a transport fuel (produced using off-peak generation) as a long term concept for more effective vehicle heat recovery.

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