Hear why energy faces a major revolution, and (poor) automotive faces at least two

Change is a constant, but the energy sector – from power to oil & gas – is experiencing upheaval that is proving existential for some and lucrative for others. Climate change, geopolitics, renewables, primary resource costs and other factors are reshaping the energy sector. Some of those same challenges affect the automotive industry, whose CEOs are often to be heard saying that sector faces more change in the coming ten years than the past 100. Whatever your view of recent behaviour by automakers, spare a thought for an industry that is facing fundamental change, not only in the propulsion that it applies, but also amongst the customers it serves. The rise of mobility, enabled by technologies such as autonomy, threatens to reshape the automotive sector in ways that many are still struggling to understand.

On 28 March E4tech Director Adam Chase will give a UK Energy Institute evening lecture in London on the twin challenges facing the automotive sector, linking these to the energy industry upheaval that is familiar to many. Entry is free and registration is open here.

Learn more about E4tech’s work in the energy here and the automotive sectors here.

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