Hydrogen’s potential in the UK highlighted by the CCC’s Fifth Carbon Budget

FifthCarbonBudgetHydrogen could help significantly reduce carbon in UK transport, industry and heat supply, according to the Committee on Climate Change’s fifth carbon budget report . These conclusions stem from a study led by E4tech, that developed hydrogen scenarios to 2050. We set out two scenarios for hydrogen: a low regrets option with hydrogen used mostly in buses and heavy goods vehicles, and an alternative scenario where hydrogen is the predominant energy carrier for transport, and is used to heat our homes, through progressive conversion of the natural gas grid. Our report explains the developments in technology and infrastructure needed for hydrogen roll-out, supported by new policy and business models for companies in the sector. E4tech conducted this study in cooperation with UCL and Kiwa Gastec.

E4tech has spent 15 years helping clients like the CCC to assess the potential of hydrogen technologies, and the implications for energy systems.

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