Newfoundland and Labrador Government turns to E4tech to identify energy innovation priorities

E4tech has been supporting the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador as it prioritises its future innovation spending, using newly generated surpluses resulting from oil and gas production. The reports on Phase One of this Energy Innovation Roadmap project have now been released.

E4tech led the 15 month project, identifying nine priority areas for energy technology development in Newfoundland and Labrador in support of the Government’s Energy Innovation Roadmap. Engaging with many local stakeholders, the project included a detailed analysis of the energy sector and innovation opportunities in key areas. As well as economic returns, health, safety and sustainability factors were also taken into account, resulting in nine innovation priorities spread across renewable and conventional energy. Orion Innovations and Dr. Wade Locke of Memorial University were project partners.

The reports can be found here:
Analysis Document on ‘Energy Warehouse’ areas (Onshore Wind Energy, Hydroelectricity, Transmission, Upstream Oil and Gas, and Midstream Gas)
Screening Document on other energy types
Analysis Document on other energy themes (Remote energy systems, Marine energy technologies, Energy efficiency)
Recommendations for innovation priorities
Oil & Gas HSE Addendum

Learn more about the project and the upcoming Phase Two of the Energy Innovation Roadmap.

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