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Invitation to final conference for the Horizon 2020 ButaNexT project

E4tech is taking part in the Horizon 2020 ButaNexT project , which aims to develop sustainable and cost-effective production of ligno-cellulosic biobutanol. Over the course of the project the consortium has constructed a pilot-scale biobutanol production plant, carried out vehicle engine tests with biobutanol blends, and detailed techno-economic and environmental impact assessments of commercial-scale biobutanol […]

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How biofuels could contribute to decarbonisation of the shipping sector

E4tech has recently started a study for the Dutch Platform for Sustainable Biofuels and the Port of Rotterdam which will provide insight into how biofuels could contribute to the decarbonisation of shipping in the Netherlands. The Dutch shipping sector is getting ready to reduce its GHG emissions and become more environmentally sustainable. It is expected that global […]

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Advanced drop-in biofuels in the UK to 2030

The UK has ambitious decarbonisation targets, and advanced drop-in biofuels could play a key part in reducing GHG emissions from hard-to-decarbonise transport sectors such as aviation and freight. E4tech was asked by the UK Department for Transport (DfT) to evaluate the potential for production of advanced drop-in biofuels to 2030. The resulting insights on the […]

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Significant opportunity for the UK to tap into the biorefinery products market

A new, E4tech-led study describing the opportunities and barriers for lignocellulosic biorefineries in the UK has been published by the Lignocellulosic Biorefinery Network (LBNet). Aimed at policy makers and developers, it demonstrates that UK industry and academia are well placed to exploit the large innovation potential in biorefinery conversion routes if enabling conditions are met. […]

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Innovation and support vital for future commercial advanced biofuels industry

A major new study on the outlook for advanced liquid biofuels has been published by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The Innovation Outlook: Advanced Liquid Biofuels provides a global technology outlook for advanced biofuels between 2015 and 2045, specifically liquid transport fuels for road, shipping and aviation use. Aimed at policy makers and investors, […]

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E4tech evaluates business feasibility of renewable materials for Bio4Products

E4tech is proud to be leading the business feasibility, market, and risk evaluation for the EU-funded research project Bio4Products. The project, led by BTG Biomass Technology Group, aims to replace 30% of the fossil resources used in the manufacture of four end products with renewable materials. This will create truly sustainable value chains demonstrating a […]

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Biodiesel, the slimming diet

The latest edition of “La France Agricole”, a French weekly magazine discusses the slowdown in sales of biodiesel in France. E4tech Managing consultant Sébastien Haye, who is featured in the article, points out some of the threats to the EU rapeseed biodiesel sector due to the policy cap on conventional biofuels and competition with biodiesel […]

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Let us take you on a journey to the bioeconomy

On Tuesday 15 March, E4tech Director Dr Ausilio Bauen will take the attendees of the World Bio Markets conference on a journey to the bioeconomy. Ausilio will address the Plenary and in his talk place the bioeconomy in the global context of the renewable energy and sustainable chemicals sectors and the climate change discourse. If […]

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Meet us at World Bio Markets in Amsterdam

E4tech will once again be present at World Bio Markets in Amsterdam from 14 to 16 March and we look forward to seeing you there! E4tech Director Dr Ausilio Bauen will address the Plenary on the 15th about placing the bioeconomy in the context of the global renewable energy industry and climate change discourse to […]

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