Advanced drop-in biofuels – UK production capacity outlook to 2030

As noted by the UK Department for Transport (DfT), advanced biofuels are likely to be key in meeting UK climate change targets for transport, and drop-in molecules which are able to substitute jet, diesel and heavy fuel oil without infrastructure or vehicle changes are particularly attractive to transport segments with few alternatives such as aviation, heavy goods vehicles and shipping. The aim of this study for DfT was to evaluate the UK potential for production of advanced drop-in biofuels to 2030, recommending changes in policy and incentives to best support development and investment in UK production plants. This analysis was based on a wide range of both published and interview-based evidence, including technology development and barriers, minimum fuel sale prices, the availability of finance, policy support and regulation, plus likely commercialisation and scale-up timelines. The  Department for Transport have used this study alongside industry evidence collected during the 2016/2017 consultation on changes to the Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation to inform their thinking in the sector. The study is available from the DfT website.

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