How can a sector respond to the need to meet 1.5/2°C climate change targets?

Many scenarios show the huge challenge that the world faces in changing our energy system to reduce emissions and limit warming to well below 2°C, in particular increasing end-use efficiency, deploying renewables and CCS. A sector industry association asked for E4tech’s help to identify the actions that they as an organisation could take to drive emissions reduction, and explain how these would fit within a 2°C world. We first set out in detail the savings that the IEA’s World Energy Outlook and Energy Technology Perspectives scenarios project to be possible from each technology across the energy sector. Given the capabilities of the sector in question, we then assessed the contribution that they would be able to make to development and deployment of the technologies. By comparing these two factors, we identified high priority areas for the organisation, and suggested actions that they could take to enhance their existing programmes, and develop new ones. The analysis and results were well received, and have contributed to the organisation’s strategy and external communications.

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