Biomass and Biogas Carbon Calculator (B2C2)

Client: UK National Non-Food Crop Centre (NNFCC), UK Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC)
E4tech developed the Biomass and Biogas Carbon Calculator (B2C2) for estimating the emissions associated with using different solid and gaseous biomass feedstocks for heat and power. This involved developing GHG emissions default values for a wide range of biomass feedstocks used in the UK for electricity, heat and biogas generation. The B2C2 is used to assist UK generators in calculating and reporting the GHG emission savings of electricity, heat and biogas generated from biomass, in line with the requirements of the UK Renewables Obligation. The work follows the GHG emissions calculations and savings guidance provided in the EU Renewable Energy Directive and the European Commission’s report on sustainability requirements for the use of solid and gaseous biomass sources in electricity, heating and cooling. The feedstocks for which default carbon intensities have been developed include different type of cakes and meals (wheat DDGS, olive cake, oilseed rape meal, etc.), dedicated energy crops (short rotation coppice and forestry, energy grasses) and a series of wastes including forestry residues, end-of-life timber, agricultural residues, saw-mill residues, refuse derived fuel, etc. A series of stakeholder consultations and meetings were held to get stakeholder buy-in to both the default values and the Carbon Calculator. More recently tutorial workshops have been held to help users with the use of the tool.

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