Developing a methodology for GHG emissions from ILUC for different biofuel pathways

Client: Department for Transport
E4tech was asked to quantify the indirect land use change (ILUC) impacts of 5 different biofuel feedstocks; oilseed rape, soy and palm biodiesel and wheat and sugarcane ethanol, and to identify actions to help mitigate ILUC impacts. The purpose of the study was to help DfT formulate a position on ILUC and develop a response to the EU consultation on ILUC. The project involved extensive stakeholder engagement (to capture stakeholder insight to help to improve ILUC modelling), a literature review (to explore the weaknesses of macro-economic modelling, strategies for deterministic modelling, and evidence analysing key system effects), methodology development (developing the causal-descriptive modelling framework addressing all the identified factors which affect ILUC emissions), and an Excel model for ILUC factor calculation (applying the developed methodology to 6 example supply chains).

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