Review of UK Bioenergy Potential

In 2011 the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) conducted a review of the UK’s bioenergy potential. In 2017, our client Cadent Gas sought an update of the CCC scenarios, reflective of more recent data and developments, to derive the potential for biomethane and bioSNG production. E4tech assessed the resource potential of non-waste feedstocks, while partner Anthesis assessed the potential of waste resources. An initial review of the CCC’s report, including a critique of the assumptions and data in light of new published sources produced a starting point for the update. We identified 9 key non-waste feedstock types and developed low, medium and high scenarios for each to build up the overall bioenergy resource potential to 2050. In building these estimates for each feedstock, it was necessary to assess the total resource available and then apply competing uses, sustainability criteria and other constraints such as market, regulatory, technical, and infrastructure barriers. The client used this report to validate their internal business plans, and to present to stakeholders and decision makers as an indicator of the domestic bioenergy potential in the UK. The report is available from Cadent’s website.

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