UK bioenergy sector roadmapping to 2050

To determine which supply chains can best contribute to efficient, low cost, and low emission bioenergy provision in the UK by 2050, E4tech developed a spatial Bioenergy Value Chain Model for the Energy Technology Institute. This toolkit has been used extensively by the ETI and E4tech since 2011, building up a knowledge base of scenarios able to achieve negative emissions. In 2016, ETI required assistance from E4tech to analyse 18 scenarios, highlighting key regions and technologies for growing and converting biomass into useful end vectors, and interpreting the differences and commonalities between scenarios. Our key findings regarding the dominance of local biomass heating and large centralised bioenergy with CCS facilities have been used by the ETI to generate a high-level roadmap, to be included in a future ETI bioenergy insights paper outlining the achievements of the ETI’s bioenergy programme.

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