Overview of the ETI’s Bioenergy Value Chain Model (BVCM) capabilities

BVCMreportThe Bioenergy Value Chain Model (BVCM) is a comprehensive and flexible toolkit for the modelling and optimisation of full-system bioenergy value chains over the next five decades. It has been designed to answer variants of the question:

What is the most effective way of delivering a particular bioenergy outcome in the UK, taking into account the available biomass resources, the geography of the UK, time, technology options and logistics networks?

The toolkit supports analysis and decision-making around optimal land use, biomass utilisation and different pathways for bioenergy production. It does this by optimising on an economic, emissions or energy production basis, or with these objectives in combination.

The report provides an overview of the BVCM toolkit, and is intended as background reading for those who are interested in knowing more about how the tool works, its architecture and functionalities.

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