Sustainability Standards and Certification

Helping your system achieve impact!

E4tech has in-depth expertise in standards and certification systems. Our highly skilled and experienced staff have many years of hands-on experience in the development, implementation and continuous improvement of sustainability standards and certification systems. We provide analysis and ongoing support to a wide range of clients on the following components of their system:

Effective sustainability criteria and indicators, including Climate change mitigation, protection of biodiversity and ecosystem services, safe management of chemicals, waste and GMOs, promotion of decent working and living conditions and respect of human rights.

Transparent chain-of-custody and traceability systems, including physical segregation, identity preserved, mass balance and book & claim.

Credible and cost-effective assurance systems, including accreditation and monitoring of auditors and certification bodies, consistent verification processes, rules for claims and communication, use of trademarks and logos, multi-site auditing, integration of risk-based approaches and compliance with ISEAL Assurance Code.

Impact monitoring & evaluation, including the development of theory of change, impact indicators and implementation phase, in line with ISEAL Impact Code.

Multi-stakeholder standard development processes (governance), based on consensus building, participation and transparency, in line with ISEAL Standard-setting Code.

Evaluation of Compliance with ISEAL Codes

Preparation for EU approval (biofuel standards)

Our clients include:

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB)

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)


The Roundtable on Responsible Soy (RTRS)

The Swiss Standardisation Institute (SNV)

The World Resource Forum (Sustainable Recycling Initiative)