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Dave OudeNijeweme

Managing Consultant - London

Dave has spent 16 years in automotive companies and consultancies, with a focus on research and development of clean and efficient vehicles. He has helped to bring several engines to market and has been involved in low CO2 technology demonstrator projects including a downsized engine, a range extender electric vehicle and a solar-driven Stirling engine. Dave has led numerous projects that range from consulting on cost-effective engine and vehicle portfolios to meet fleet CO2 targets, to investigating synergies between biofuels and modern engine technology. Dave is also an expert participant in future fuel specification workgroups 21 and 38 of Technical Committee 19 of CEN, the European Committee for Standardization.

Prior to joining E4tech, Dave worked at MAHLE Powertrain and Jaguar LandRover. In both companies he developed his fluid dynamics, combustion system, and general engine R&D skills. More recently he has focused on the implementation of new engine technologies to deliver low CO2 vehicles and has investigated the generation, impact and measures to control particulate emissions. Dave holds an Engineering degree from the University of Twente and completed successful research projects at Witwatersrand University and Oxford University. He has published on a range of engineering topics and speaks English, Dutch, and German.

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