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Ralph Ripken

Senior Consultant - London

Ralph has conducted numerous techno-economic analyses, in particular for bioenergy and biofuels, providing strategic support and policy impact analysis for private and public organisations operating along various sustainable energy value chains. He has significant experience in gaining valuable insights through interviews with stakeholders working across languages, evaluating market potentials, and feasibility analysis to inform investment and policy decisions. Ralph has been leading numerous bioenergy projects and gained experience on the sustainability of sustainable energy projects in a development context. He also has project experience in low carbon transport, sustainable buildings, and the water-energy-nexus.

He was previously employed in wind project development with ABO Wind France & SoWiTec Germany, in the Global Crop Protection unit at BASF and the logistics division at Daimler. In 2015/16, Ralph took a one year sabbatical to work for a Peruvian NGO implementing a smartphone based monitoring system in an agroforestry scheme and cycled through South America visiting and writing about various sustainable energy and environmental projects.  He holds a degree in International Business from ESB Business School (Germany) and Reims Management School (France), and a jointly-awarded MSc (with distinction) in Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management with a focus on Energy Policy from Lund University (Sweden), Manchester University (UK), and Central European University (Hungary). Ralph is fluent in German, English, and French and has intermediate Spanish.

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