Updated DECC 2050 Pathways Analysis includes E4tech’s recommendations

The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has updated its 2050 Pathways Analysis, considering input from 116 stakeholders across the energy industry. E4tech responded to this Call for Evidence in 2010. Our recommendations regarding biomass conversion technology efficiencies have been directly implemented in the update, with DECC creating three new bioenergy trajectories.

As well as updating the 2050 Calculator web tool, which provides a detailed look at the UK’s energy system and GHG emissions, DECC have also launched My2050, a game visualising different options for GHG reductions in the UK. Looking forward, DECC will be including costs in the 2050 Calculator this summer, increasing the power of the model as a policy tool within the framework of securing a low-carbon future for the UK.

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