Project Archive | 2010

Techno‐economic assessment of secondary use of electric vehicle batteries in European markets

Client: Leading automotive company
The project focused on four representative European countries (UK, Ireland, Germany and Portugal) and five second use applications (Residential scale photovoltaics, Domestic arbitrage, Large‐scale grid storage, Renewable ‘firming’ and Uninterruptible power supply systems). Data was gathered and a model developed to quantitatively estimate the value and volume of these markets. Interviews were conducted with key stakeholders – such as applications integrators, transmission operators and investors – to validate the model results and gain insight into supply chains, barriers and expectations. Competing technologies, market frameworks and barriers to adoption were elaborated for each application and country, and model value chains and potential partnerships were described. The project identified most promising applications for each country, providing quantitative results on second use value and the ability to absorb the battery stream for the EV market. The project also provided insights on regulations, key barriers to overcome, and strategy development, including business partnerships.

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