Project Archive | 2012

Bioenergy Value Chain Model

Client: UK Energy Technologies Institute (ETI)

E4tech has developed an innovative Bioenergy Value Chain Model (BVCM) to identify the best bioenergy options to meet UK energy system needs to 2050. This spatially explicit toolkit enables the ETI to explore which bioenergy chains can contribute to efficient, low cost and low emission energy provision in the UK, and identify those chains that could provide interesting opportunities for technology acceleration.

Determining best value requires an understanding of the spatial distribution of the UK biomass resource base (areas, yields, costs & emissions), the interaction with imported feedstocks, available logistics options, CO2 sequestration points, the techno-economics of conversion plants, and the most attractive end-uses. Currently, up to 82 resources can be combined with 61 distinct technologies, with BVCM balancing resource flows at 50km resolution across the UK, and optimising pathways to meet energy, emissions and economic objectives over 5 decades. This collection of databases, coding, user-interface and analysis tools makes BVCM more sophisticated than any other bioenergy supply chain model reported.

BVCM was developed by an E4tech-led consortium, and is being further developed in collaboration with the ETI. The ETI are using BVCM to help steer their thinking on bioenergy technology demonstration, and recently published a set of UK Bioenergy Insights gained using BVCM. These highlighted the importance of combining bioenergy with Carbon Capture & Storage, growing energy crops in targeted UK regions and developing flexible gasification technologies for achieving UK energy and climate objectives to 2050.

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