about us

E4tech is an international consultancy that helps organisations understand and implement sustainable energy technologies, policies and solutions.

Since 1997, our expert team has worked with businesses, governments and investors, demonstrating the opportunities in clean energy. We offer bespoke strategic business and policy advice based on deep technical understanding, insightful analysis and industry knowledge.

At E4tech, we pride ourselves on our collaborative, objective and pioneering approach. Our clients know they can rely on us for support to shorten development times, identify markets, find investors and manage risk.


Our Vision

We are an agile and innovative international consultancy that provides our customers with objective insight and advice on the implications of sustainability and energy choices.
We aim to be clear and visionary in supporting complex strategic, policy and business decisions through the in-depth analysis of technology, opportunity and risk.


Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver new thinking, new approaches and new practices in energy that not only support our clients’ businesses, but also help shape a better future for us all.