Biochemicals – a more sustainable path for chemicals and an opportunity for the UK to lead?

The global opportunities offered by a transition to a more sustainable, low carbon economy are vast, and the last decade has seen a substantial increase in interest in bio-based chemicals. E4tech was commissioned by LBNet (The Lignocellulosic Biorefinery Network) to investigate the market attractiveness of bio-based chemicals and the opportunities they could present for the UK.

Via an international literature review and interviews with experts in industry and research, a shortlist of 33 bio-based chemicals were identified for further analysis. An in-depth assessment of market attractiveness and UK strengths was then carried out (using criteria including functionality and sustainability features, potential market value, existing competition, UK activities and capabilities), to select a “Top 10” list of greatest interest for the UK. The report also identified around 25 industry players and 10 leading universities active in developing bio-based chemical routes within the UK.

E4tech’s report (including an executive summary) is available here:

UK Top Bio-based Chemicals Opportunities

Highlights from the report can also be found in a publication by LBNet:

UKBioChem10 – The ten green chemicals which can create growth, jobs and trade for the UK



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