Biorefinery Outlook

Biorefinery pathways and outlook for deployment (EC RTD)

The European Commission DG RTD awarded a consortium composed of E4tech (Lead), Wageningen Research, BTG, FNR and iCons the biorefinery pathways and outlook for deployment (lot 3) “Biorefinery Outlook” project.  This is one of three projects DG RTD has commissioned on support to R&I policy in the area of bio-based products and services.

The aim of the project is to provide an outlook for integrated chemical and material biorefineries enabling stakeholders such as the scientific community, industry (primary producers and manufacturers), investors, policymakers, and NGOs to take the present-day decisions necessary to shape the future sustainable bioeconomy.

The focus of the study is chemical and material driven biorefineries which include the production of innovative high value bio-based products. 

The first two work packages (WPs) include a classification for chemical and material driven biorefineries (WP 1) and a database of chemical and material focused biorefineries (WP 4). The other WPs are currently underway.  WP 4 is working closely with the Joint Research Council (JRC) building on the database of biorefineries developed by the bioeconomy team.

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