Significant opportunity for the UK to tap into the biorefinery products market

LBNet-logoA new, E4tech-led study describing the opportunities and barriers for lignocellulosic biorefineries in the UK has been published by the Lignocellulosic Biorefinery Network (LBNet). Aimed at policy makers and developers, it demonstrates that UK industry and academia are well placed to exploit the large innovation potential in biorefinery conversion routes if enabling conditions are met. The commercial viability of four feedstock specific scenarios was evaluated in order to inform LBNet’s Proof Of Concept (POC) funding call.

The study assesses enabling conditions such as feedstock availability, the viability of business models along the supply chain, the potential for clustering and potential downstream users, and relevant UK capabilities. Besides meeting the enabling conditions, realising a UK lignocellulosic biorefinery the sector would require greater emphasis on commercialisation and scale up of activities. The study highlights that policy support for the development of sustainable biofuels, biochemicals, and biomaterials is critically important to encouraging commercial deployment and investment in this sector.

The Executive Summary can be found here and the full study can be downloaded from the LBNet website (requiring free registration). Learn more about E4tech’s work in biofuels and biochemicals here.

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