E4tech reaches a significant birthday!

E4tech was born 20 years ago today – well, this year – and E4tech allowed itself a brief moment of Sergeant Pepper-esque reflection to consider the many things that have happened since. In July we celebrated with a gathering of clients, ‘friends of the family’ and staff at the Imperial College Rector’s house – if you weren’t there don’t worry, we enjoyed it so much we’re determined to repeat it in future years! The team photo below reveals a less colourful lineup than on the cover of the Beatles’ masterpiece, but one of which we are duly proud.

The Directors rationed their speeches to just a few words, as there was much other talking to be done. Ausilio reflected on the origins of E4tech and how shared values had brought the Directors together, a feature that continues to this day. David spoke about the journey that we’ve been on and the evolving types of questions our clients have posed over the years – more of which will follow soon in a series of articles. Adam rounded off with a thank-you to the people – our clients and staff in particular – who continue to make E4tech what it is. After all, we achieve most ‘with a little help from our friends’.

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