E4tech report: Biofuels play essential role in decarbonising EU transport beyond 2020

E4tech’s report “A harmonised Auto-Fuel biofuel roadmap for the EU to 2030” was launched in Brussels on 26 November. The report, commissioned by a consortium of six automotive and fuel companies, assesses the potential contribution of biofuels in European road transport to 2030. Speaking ahead of the launch Dr Ausilio Bauen, Director of E4tech and author of the report said: “There is a clear lack of understanding of what biofuels could accomplish in European road transport towards 2030. For the first time we have analysed in detail what can be achieved in terms of sustainable biofuels supply – and critically, how this can be integrated affordably and smoothly into the vehicle fleet. On this basis we have set out a vision and roadmap of how the auto and fuel industries can jointly achieve a 15% energy contribution from biofuels by 2030. This will now require broader stakeholder and policy buy-in.”

The report is available for download from the Auto-Fuel page on our website.

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