E4tech supports Mission Possible, a new interactive energy game in Switzerland

The energy and environment exhibition centre “Umwelt Arena” in Spreitenbach, Switzerland, in cooperation with EnergieSchweiz, has launched Mission Possible, an interactive energy game developed with the help of E4tech. Visitors to the Umwelt Arena can take control of the Swiss energy system on a large touch screen and face the challenges of the Swiss Energy Transition. They can play around freely with balancing energy supply and demand or take on one of three missions: reduce energy consumption by 30%; shut down nuclear power plants; or reduce CO2 emissions by 50%. Most of the measures that can be selected also link to specific exhibitions at the Umwelt Arena.

E4tech supplied authoritative data on the Swiss energy system and worked closely with Umwelt Arena to simplify the complexity of the energy transition into an easily approachable, yet factually consistent interactive game. The permanent exhibition at Umwelt Arena attracts around 100,000 visitors per year.

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