Advanced drop-in biofuels in the UK to 2030

The UK has ambitious decarbonisation targets, and advanced drop-in biofuels could play a key part in reducing GHG emissions from hard-to-decarbonise transport sectors such as aviation and freight. E4tech was asked by the UK Department for Transport (DfT) to evaluate the potential for production of advanced drop-in biofuels to 2030. The resulting insights on the potential and needs of the sector have informed DfT policy, with several of the report’s recommendations reflected in the newly revised Renewables Transport Fuel Obligation. Under a favourable environment, the UK could see up to around 20 advanced drop-in biofuel plants operational by 2030.

The study used a wide evidence base to develop a scenario for both global and UK production capacity to 2030. It involved interviews with technology developers; modelling ramp up scenarios for advanced drop-in biofuel plants, considering influences such as the availability of finance, policy support and regulations on the likely speed of project development and construction; and an estimate of the availability of UK feedstocks.

Our final report – Advanced drop-in biofuels: UK production capacity outlook to 2030 – is available from the DfT website.

Learn more about E4tech’s work in Biofuels & Biochemicals here.


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