ERM’s Ausilio Bauen and Jo Howes join panel discussions at this week’s Sustainable Aviation Futures Congress

The Sustainable Energy Futures Congress will be held in Amsterdam from 7-9 June, 2023. The event will focus on aviation decarbonisation and will be attended by stakeholders from the entire aviation value chain. ERM’s Ausilio Bauen (Partner) will be chairing Day 1 of the event and moderating panel discussions addressing questions on the future of SAF in Europe and feedstocks for SAF production. Jo Howes (Partner) will be moderating the policy panel discussion on Day 2. Ausilio and Jo will bring their experience in SAF supply chains, technologies and policy to shape and contribute to the discussions.

E4tech helps define ‘low carbon hydrogen’ as part of the UK’s Hydrogen Strategy

As outlined in the new Hydrogen Strategy and the Prime Minister’s 10 Point Plan, the UK’s ambition is to achieve 5GW of low carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030. There are a variety of different ways to produce hydrogen, and the associated GHG emissions depend on the inputs and technologies used. However, a definition of what is ‘low carbon’, including the GHG emissions methodology to be used, has not yet been set by the UK Government. In our new report for the UK’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), E4tech and LBST set out options and provided recommendations for how ‘low carbon hydrogen’ could be defined under a new UK standard, including indicative GHG emission thresholds.

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