E4tech Director David Hart is presenting our recent work on electrolysis for the FCH-JU at the 20th World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC) in Gwangju, South Korea. WHEC runs from 16-20 June and Prof. Hart will be attending all week, presenting on Monday 16th and chairing a session on Tuesday 17th.

The Liquid Air Energy Network launched its report Liquid air on the Highway on 04.06.2014 which describes the case for using liquid air or nitrogen as a part of the UK’s transport energy mix. E4tech welcomes this important report and hosted a related workshop where industry experts discussed research needs and new opportunities in this field. The workshop has succeeded in delivering strong conclusions on possible synergies, leading to opportunities for better collaboration and benefit to the UK.

Today E4tech is hosting an industry expert workshop to look at synergies between emerging low temperature technologies on road vehicles, including refrigeration, cryogenic fuels, new internal combustion thermodynamics, and novel applications of low temperatures. These areas of research and application are not joined up - the question is, should they be? More information is available here.

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