E4tech's Chris Sim is one of Time Out magazine's 'Unsung Londoners of the Year'

Chris, who joined E4tech’s team in 2018, has been recognised for his volunteer work running a branch of FoodCycle, a charity that uses food that would go to waste to create three course meals for those in need. Time out magazine’s current edition lists Chris amongst 10 Londoners doing extraordinary things, who don’t normally get recognition for their efforts. Chris is a chemical engineer with a strong conscience, so it’s no surprise to us that he squeezes making a good use of waste resources into his evenings and weekends.

UK leads globally in cleaning up its power sector over the last decade, but continued fossil fuel subsidies could hinder future progress

In a report just launched at COP24 in Katowice and commissioned by Drax, researchers from Imperial College London and E4tech looked at how 25 countries in the last decade have decarbonised their power sector, changed fossil fuel consumption, increased EV sales, deployed CCS capacity and improved energy efficiency of households, buildings and transport. Across these five metrics, the UK, behind only Denmark, has made considerable progress towards the energy transition required to achieve climate targets.

E4tech discussing development of sustainable fuels for shipping at RSB Annual Meeting 6th Dec, Berlin

Shipping is seen by some to be one of the 'hard to decarbonise' sectors. So what sustainable fuels could help this sector meet its carbon emission targets? E4tech's Chester Lewis will be part of a panel of experts discussing this topic at the RSB Annual Conference on 6th December in Berlin (Marine Panel 2, 3.15pm). Please contact if you would like to find out more or if you would like to arrange a meeting. (Photo credit:

UK energy future is here, it is just not evenly distributed

In a first of a kind report, E4tech and researchers from Imperial College London examined the UK’s progress towards an energy system that meets energy transition targets, also looking at which sectors and regions are making greatest progress. The report, commissioned by Drax, finds that progress in cleaning power generation is a bright spot, enabling industry, commercial buildings and potentially road transport to lower their impacts. However, sectors such as household heating, heavy duty vehicles and power system flexibility are holding back the transition.

E4tech discusses the future of low carbon fuels and transitions to net zero energy systems in Brussels this week

What are the main opportunities for biofuels in decarbonising transport? How is alternative fuel production linked to the wider energy system? These are questions E4tech director Dr Ausilio Bauen will be tackling at the World Ethanol and Biofuels conference (6-8 November in Brussels), where he will join a panel and lead a roundtable discussion on advanced biofuels and other low carbon fuels. While in Brussels, Ausilio will also be participating in a panel discussion on “Transitions to net zero energy systems”, utilising his expertise in bioenergy and across a range of other energy technologies.

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