Understanding the value of hydrogen and fuel cells

An E4tech-led analysis of the potential economic value of European fuel cell and hydrogen (FCH) manufacturing and supply has just been published.

Blending 20% ethanol in gasoline could help Europe to reduce transport GHG emissions – what would this mean for ethanol volumes, and how could Europe supply this demand?

E4tech has published a report examining supply and demand scenarios for renewable ethanol if a 20% blend of ethanol in gasoline (E20) were made available in Europe by 2030.

Cabin pressure rising: Calls for adoption of alternative fuels in aviation

E4tech director Ausilio Bauen joins a panel at AIREG’s conference today to discuss future supply of alternative fuel in aviation.

E4tech to present developments in rail decarbonization in Manchester on 26 September

‘From Diesel to Zero: Developing the Potential of Zero Emission Trains’ is being organised by European Policy Solutions (EPS) and CMB Revolve Technologies.

Fuel Cell CHPs in the commercial sector could deliver air quality and efficiency benefits

Tom Houghton gives a viewpoint on the development of fuel cells for CHP applications in the commercial sector.

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