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Articles tagged “Advanced Biofuels”

Summary report of first stakeholder consultation on new feedstocks for advanced biofuels published (EU RED II – Annex IX).

E4tech, together with the Cerulogy, ICCT, Navigant, SCS Global Services and Wageningen University & Research are assisting the European Commission in evaluating biofuel feedstocks which could be added to Annex IX of the recast Renewable Energy Directive, also known as “RED II”. A stakeholder consultation to feed into the project was held from 14 April to 27th May, leading to over 400 responses. Inputs to the consultation have been used to finalise the short list of feedstocks to be evaluated in greater detail in Task 2 and Task 3 of the project.

A pivotal moment for advanced biofuels?

Global advanced biofuel capacity is low, and substantial scale-up is needed in order to meet EU climate targets, according to a recent study by E4tech for the European Commission.

E4tech discusses the future of low carbon fuels and transitions to net zero energy systems in Brussels this week

What are the main opportunities for biofuels in decarbonising transport? How is alternative fuel production linked to the wider energy system? These are questions E4tech director Dr Ausilio Bauen will be tackling at the World Ethanol and Biofuels conference (6-8 November in Brussels), where he will join a panel and lead a roundtable discussion on advanced biofuels and other low carbon fuels. While in Brussels, Ausilio will also be participating in a panel discussion on “Transitions to net zero energy systems”, utilising his expertise in bioenergy and across a range of other energy technologies.

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