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Articles tagged “Biofuels”

Blending 20% ethanol in gasoline could help Europe to reduce transport GHG emissions – what would this mean for ethanol volumes, and how could Europe supply this demand?

E4tech has published a report examining supply and demand scenarios for renewable ethanol if a 20% blend of ethanol in gasoline (E20) were made available in Europe by 2030.

Biochemicals - a more sustainable path for chemicals and an opportunity for the UK to lead?

The global opportunities offered by a transition to a more sustainable, low carbon economy are vast, and the last decade has seen a substantial increase in interest in bio-based chemicals. E4tech was commissioned by LBNet (The Lignocellulosic Biorefinery Network) to investigate the market attractiveness of bio-based chemicals and the opportunities they could present for the UK. Via an international literature review and interviews with experts in industry and research, a shortlist of 33 bio-based chemicals were identified for further analysis.

Advanced drop-in biofuels in the UK to 2030

The UK has ambitious decarbonisation targets, and it is likely that advanced drop-in biofuels will form a key part of reducing GHG emissions from hard-to-decarbonise transport sectors such as aviation and freight. The Department for Transport (DfT) commissioned E4tech to evaluate the potential for production of advanced drop-in biofuels to 2030. The outcomes enabled the DfT to understand how UK policy can best be shaped to overcome commercialisation barriers and increase deployment of UK facilities, with several of the report’s recommendations taken up in the finalised changes to the Renewables Transport Fuel Obligation after an extensive public consultation.

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