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Articles tagged “Hydrogen & Fuel Cells”

Hydrogen and fuel cell costs WILL drop

The latest report published by the Hydrogen Council shows how hydrogen solutions will become dramatically more competitive within the coming decade.

Hear E4tech's insight on burgeoning Hydrogen and Fuel Cell markets at the H2FC Supergen Conference

Fuel cell markets are growing, and interest in hydrogen is high across the political agenda. E4tech Director David Hart’s keynote at the H2FC Supergen Conference in Warwick on 31st Jan will explain the compelling drivers behind the interest and look at the differences between now and the hype cycles of the past. Shipment data from E4tech’s just-released 2018 Fuel Cell Industry Review will illustrate the growth impact on markets worldwide. Click here to understand more about E4tech’s expertise in this sector or drop us an email at Picture credit: H2FC Supergen

E4tech delivers a roadmap for hydrogen and fuel cells in the UK

Hydrogen could bring significant benefits to the UK’s energy system: heating homes and businesses, powering vehicles, and balancing intermittent renewables. This new roadmap provides an overarching industrial strategy for hydrogen and fuel cells to play a greater role in the UK’s energy mix. The principal benefits outlined in the report are:
Environmental benefits – Adoption of hydrogen and fuel cells will improve air quality today, and following the actions described could reduce UK CO2 emissions by tens of millions of tonnes per year.

Converting the natural gas grid to hydrogen is an option for the long term decarbonisation of heating in homes, businesses and industry. This would require appliances, such as boilers, hobs, ovens and industrial burners that can use 100% hydrogen instead of natural gas. A new report by Kiwa Gastec and E4tech looks at the potential supply chain for these appliances. Published by the UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the study investigates technical challenges and costs associated with developing hydrogen appliances, and discusses how barriers might be overcome.

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