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Articles tagged “fuel cells & hydrogen”

The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Observatory is live!

The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Observatory (FCHO) which aims to be the go-to source of information for the sector, was launched in a webinar on 15 September 2020 attended by over 1400 interested participants

Fuel Cell CHPs in the commercial sector could deliver air quality and efficiency benefits

Tom Houghton gives a viewpoint on the development of fuel cells for CHP applications in the commercial sector.

From PV to BEVs to FCEVs – Will China own the fuel cell industry? Find out at f-cell in Stuttgart

The f-cell Impulse Summit for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells is in Stuttgart, 10-11 September. E4tech’s Franz Lehner will be presenting an ‘outside perspective on China’, put together from our extensive engagement with China’s fuel cell and hydrogen industry.

E4tech Director Dr David Hart’s response to a recent Financial Times article lays out some of the reasons why for Toyota, and for Japan, a hydrogen future makes sense. His letter, touching on import dependence and complementarity with batteries, is here. Learn more about E4tech’s work in Fuel Cells & Hydrogen here.

E4tech Director David Hart opened launch events in Cape Town and Johannesburg on 8-9 February for South Africa’s forthcoming fuel cell component manufacturing capability. Isondo Precious Metals is setting up a manufacturing plant for membrane electrode assemblies, the ‘heart’ of PEM fuel cells. The South African government strongly supports the initiative due to the potential for fuel cells to create value for the country’s platinum resources and to help support its mining industry, which held its Indaba conference in Cape Town at the same time.

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