UK energy future is here, it is just not evenly distributed

In a first of a kind report, E4tech and researchers from Imperial College London examined the UK’s progress towards an energy system that meets energy transition targets, also looking at which sectors and regions are making greatest progress. The report, commissioned by Drax, finds that progress in cleaning power generation is a bright spot, enabling industry, commercial buildings and potentially road transport to lower their impacts. However, sectors such as household heating, heavy duty vehicles and power system flexibility are holding back the transition. The picture also varies strongly by region. Generally, more affluent regions have made significantly greater progress. Only London and Scotland are coming close to being on track to meet overall targets. The report also examines the affordability of the energy transition, finding that the burden falls unequally – for example – Londoners stand to gain the most from switching to electric vehicles. For the energy transition to be a success it must also be equitable. Please see E4tech’s website for more information about E4tech’s work in energy innovation or contact Adam Chase  

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