Electrify everything a simple answer to a complex problem?

Road transport’s emissions challenges are – on the face of it – readily solvable by means of electric drive. Whether it is tailpipe pollutants or greenhouse gases, green electricity and batteries or hydrogen and fuel cells offer a means to clean up vehicles. However, that is much more easily said than done and the current reality is that the UK’s vehicle fleet would take many years to electrify, with particular challenges for heavy duty vehicles. In the meantime, low carbon fuels are already here and can make a difference without requiring new vehicles to be developed and sold. A logical progression might see low carbon fuels playing a role alongside electrification as the latter ramps up; others argue that any continued focus on low carbon fuels will distract attention from electrification and so should be minimised.

The centrepiece of LowCVP’s annual conference on 8 July will be a debate on this topic, chaired by E4tech Director Adam Chase. Bringing together leading thinkers, it promises to be a very lively one with strong views on either side. E4tech has been involved in every area of this topic for many years, but for once it is not for us to offer an opinion!

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