Blending 20% ethanol in gasoline could help Europe to reduce transport GHG emissions – what would this mean for ethanol volumes, and how could Europe supply this demand?

Renewable ethanol is expected to play an important role in the realisation of the EU’s energy and climate ambitions to 2030. However, one of the main factors limiting the potential contribution of renewable ethanol to decarbonisation of the road vehicle fleet is the level at which it is allowed to be blended into gasoline. E4tech has published a report examining supply and demand scenarios for renewable ethanol if a 20% blend of ethanol in gasoline (E20) were made available in Europe by 2030.  We investigate the potential demand for ethanol in 2030 if E20 were used across the gasoline pool, and assess how this might be supplied from conventional and advanced ethanol production in the EU, and from imports.

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