Understanding the value of hydrogen and fuel cells

An E4tech-led analysis of the potential economic value of European fuel cell and hydrogen (FCH) manufacturing and supply has just been published. Commissioned by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking or FCHJU, and carried out in partnership with Ecorys and Strategic Analysis, the study shows that the potentially significant socioeconomic value of FCH manufacturing. To best capture this value in Europe, support both for European technology deployment and for supply chain maturation will be essential.

Three study reports are available: summary, in-depth evidence and analysis.The evidence base is one of the most comprehensive yet published, including deployment scenarios to 2030 for twelve FCH applications; cost breakdowns and projections consistent with those deployment scenarios; and mapping of the different application supply chains and actors, including in an online map. The analysis looks at the socio-economic value that can be created by FCH manufacturing with different levels of European engagement, and recommendations to support capture of that value in Europe.

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