Integrating EVs into the energy system: It's good to talk

A little over a year ago the UK EV Energy Taskforce was set the task by Government of finding the best way to make sure that plug in vehicles could be adopted at mass scale in the UK energy system. This is a challenge that affects everyone since we all depend on the electricity system, even if we don’t drive an EV. Widespread EV adoption threatens to alter the system from local to national level. Without a well-prepared system this adoption will be slow. The Taskforce's report contains inputs from over 90 organisations, collated with the support of E4tech.


The report's 21 recommendations are mostly 'difficult but necessary', covering the need for widespread smart charging, chargepoint interoperability, safe data exchange and integrated infrastructure planning. One thing that the initiative has already achieved is to establish a common language between disparate actors – this is vital where different sectors come together. Now that the conversation is flowing, putting the solutions into place has become a little bit easier.


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