European Investment Bank provides support to Steelanol project through €75M loan

Last week the European Investment Bank has granted a €75M loan to ArcelorMittal for the construction of two ground-breaking projects at ArcelorMittal’s steel-making site in Ghent, Belgium: Steelanol and Torero.

The Steelanol consortium, comprised of ArcelorMittal, Lanzatech, Primetals and E4tech, will construct an industrial-scale demonstration plant for the production of ethanol from the steel mill blast furnace gas, using Lanzatech’s fermentation technology. Under the Torero project a large-scale demonstration plant will be constructed to convert waste wood into bio-coal to partially replace the coal currently used in the blast furnace.

Ground-breaking projects to decarbonise heavy-industry such as steel production are essential in order to meet the EU’s long-term decarbonisation targets, and E4tech are pleased to be conducting the life cycle assessment (LCA) of the ethanol produced in the Steelanol project.

For more information about E4tech’s work in alternative fuels and life cycle assessment see  

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