Heating homes with hydrogen?

Converting the natural gas grid to hydrogen is an option for the long term decarbonisation of heating in homes, businesses and industry. This would require appliances, such as boilers, hobs, ovens and industrial burners that can use 100% hydrogen instead of natural gas. A new report by Kiwa Gastec and E4tech looks at the potential supply chain for these appliances. Published by the UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the study investigates technical challenges and costs associated with developing hydrogen appliances, and discusses how barriers might be overcome. We interviewed appliance manufacturers to get much of this insight. While there was general agreement that safe and efficient  hydrogen appliances could be developed, it needs policy commitment, technical development, standards and training for a successful roll-out.  This report also informed the roadmap for hydrogen and fuel cells in the UK to 2025 and beyond, led by E4tech,  which highlighted the work needed to assess the viability of conversion of the gas grid to hydrogen as a decarbonisation option for UK heat.  


The report is available here


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