E4tech evaluates business feasibility of renewable materials for Bio4Products

E4tech is proud to be leading the business feasibility, market, and risk evaluation for the new EU-funded research project Bio4Products. The project, led by BTG Biomass Technology Group, aims to replace 30% of the fossil resources used in the manufacture of four end products with renewable materials.  This will create truly sustainable value chains demonstrating a 75% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

BTG will use fast pyrolysis  to produce a flexible bio-oil in a matter of seconds. This pyrolysis oil will then be separated into fractions for the production of roofing material, modified wood, and resins (phenolic and sand moulding). E4tech will evaluate the financial viability of the biorefinery process and the associated risks, informing the business feasibility of the overall project. We will also establish commercialization paths by assessing the market potential of each product.

Bio4Products brings together a unique blend of expertise and organisations: BTG Technologies Group (Netherlands); industrial partners Derbigum (Belgium), Hexion (Germany) and Transfurans Chemicals (Belgium); CAPAX Environmental Services (Belgium) and Greenovate! Europe (Belgium); and E4tech.

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