Solar opportunities identified for UK Government

Solar energy innovation could make a valuable contribution to the UK economy, especially in key areas such as advanced concepts, building applications and component technologies, according to a new report supported by E4tech.  Although   the UK is unlikely to lead development and deployment of globally dominant crystalline PV or solar thermal technologies, there are aspects such as advanced coatings that the UK could help to improve. However, the UK excels in R&D of    advanced PV concepts such as polymer-based PV, offering longer term opportunities. E4tech’s analysis of solar PV and thermal innovation opportunities has been published as part of the Carbon Trust-led Solar Technology Innovation Needs Assessment (TINA), commissioned by DECC. TINAs are based upon rigorous assessment and provide the basis for UK policy in sustainable energy technologies. E4tech has also worked with Carbon Trust and DECC on the UK’s bioenergy TINA.

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