East Neuk Power-to-Hydrogen judged Cross Vector Project of the Year

The East Neuk Power-to-Hydrogen project has been named the Cross Vector Project of the Year at the 2020 Network Awards.

At the delayed awards ceremony, the innovative project to assess the benefits of producing hydrogen from renewables in Scotland beat off stiff competition to win this new award category. Work undertaken by E4tech and Artelys, and funded by SGN and Scottish Power Energy Networks through the Network Innovation Allowance, assessed the economic benefits of coupling the electricity and gas networks in the region of Fife to produce hydrogen for a number of end-use applications including transport and heat.

Power to hydrogen is often seen as a crucial element in the continuing decarbonisation of electricity and gas networks. It has the potential to increase the flexibility of the energy system by converting ‘excess’ renewable electricity into hydrogen. The hydrogen produced can then be used directly for heating, either by injecting it into the natural gas network or using it in a pure hydrogen network as envisaged in the H100 project. E4tech led the study which examined not only the techno-economics of power-to-hydrogen but also considered the market and regulatory aspects that would need to be addressed for it to become a reality.

This project adds to the growing evidence on the role hydrogen can play in the UK’s energy future. It builds further on E4tech’s broad expertise in power-to-x, encompassing both hydrogen and e-fuels production and end-use.


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