UK could become frontrunner in sustainable aviation fuels through the development of seven industrial clusters

Earlier this year, E4tech provided analysis for Sustainable Aviation UK’s fuels roadmap which indicated that up to 14 sustainable aviation fuel production facilities could be sited in the UK by the mid-2030s. As part of Sustainable Aviation UK’s Comprehensive Spending Review submission to the UK government,   E4tech was commissioned  to conduct further analysis on the regional benefits which could arise from a UK based SAF industry. 

The 14 SAF facilities could be spread across seven industrial clusters - Teesside, Humberside, the North West, South Wales, Southampton, St Fergus and Grangemouth - based on the potential availability of suitable feedstocks – agricultural, forestry, household and industrial waste and renewable electricity – and enabling infrastructure, such as the presence of existing refineries and the potential to produce low carbon hydrogen. The SAF clusters have the potential to boost the regional economy and job prospects.

The analysis was reported in the Financial Times on Monday 12th October. 

E4tech has in-depth knowledge of the alternative fuels industry, and is experienced in providing strategic advice to industry and governments, based on economic, technical, market and sustainability analysis. For more information about E4tech’s work in alternative fuels for the road, shipping and aviation sectors, see our bioenergy & biochemicals and low carbon transport pages.

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