International Maritime Organization engages E4tech to deliver first-of-a-kind training on alternative fuels

E4tech was pleased to work with Houlder and the IMO-Norway GreenVoyage2050 project to develop and deliver two virtual 4-day training workshops on Alternative Fuels and Energy Carriers for Shipping.

The energy transition is lapping at the shores of the shipping industry, with large-scale transformation in fuel-use needed to achieve the International Maritime Organisation’s decarbonisation targets. The recently-completed workshops equipped participants from China, Georgia, India and South Africa with the knowledge to understand and shape this transition in their own countries, whilst also recognising the opportunities alternative fuels may bring.

E4tech combined its experience in alternative fuel production and supply chains with Houlder’s understanding of on-vessel design and engineering to offer the ‘full picture’ to those involved.

E4tech continues to support the maritime sector to understand, prepare and take opportunities from the transition to low and zero emission vessels.

Please find a version of the training content here.

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