Report highlights role for hydrogen in the Energy Community

In a first of a kind study, ECA and E4tech undertook a detailed assessment of the energy needs and infrastructure across the Energy Community Contracting Parties to establish the role for hydrogen in achieving decarbonisation.

Given its extensive gas infrastructure network, industry sector and good conditions for renewable energy production, Ukraine holds the highest green hydrogen development potential.

For each Contracting Party, the study assessed the drivers for introducing hydrogen, its potential production capacity, availability of delivery infrastructure and potential hydrogen applications. It highlighted the diversity in terms of their potential for producing, transiting/exporting and utilising zero and low carbon hydrogen and that there is no one size fits all policy or technological solution.

The study provides tailored recommendations for each Contracting Party, including a guide as to what hydrogen technologies and applications might have the greatest economic potential, such as space and water heating, transport or storage of renewable electricity. The approach can serve as a template for assessing the applicability of hydrogen in other developing countries.

Find more information on the study here.


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